Monday Links to Love

High Above the City

* Thinking of having a barn wedding? You may want to think about the neighbors…

* Summer is a great time to get your cooking on and I’m ready to check out these recommendations from Joy the Baker

* If you’re like me and just starting to bring the practice of meditation into your life, you will love Gabby Bernstein

* Planning a wedding? Some insights from The Lifestyle Project after she planned her own

* Even if you’re not a fan of the author Emily Giffin, the Everygirl just did a great interview with her about changing her path in life and realizing her real purpose

* Blogger or small business owner? Five tips for personal branding

* I loved Nadine’s insightful post about the worst feedback she ever received


Monday Links to Love

clouds and castle jersey shore

Summer seems to be flying by in a flurry of wedding planning and beach playing. I’m a little late to posting today because we just booked our wedding photographers! That and I was lazy this afternoon. Bravo tv is just sucking me in this summer! I come home from morning summer school and all I feel like doing is watching some bleach blonde drama. Well, this is my official rallying cry to get off the couch and get stuff done! Happy (motivated) Monday!

* What type of friend are you?

* Habits fit people have that you can have too

* I’m trying to limit my wedding links but I think this is an adorable gift list for your bridesmaids

* This is exactly right: why kids don’t sit still in school

* I’m in love with this: freshman year of college, before and after

Monday Links to Love

beach day

I didn’t realize it until I was organizing this Monday Links that I have a serious case of wanderlust. Blame it on the snow, blame it on Spring Break for us is about a month away, whatever it is I’m ready to get out of here. Nick and I are currently planning our Summer vacation but that seems way too far away too. So on this freezing cold Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be using the internet to help me escape. Happy Monday!

* I loved Amanda’s post on the Long Neck Karen tribe; her absolutely beautiful pictures make me want to get to adventuring!

* Looking at these gorgeous New England towns makes me dream of Fall…but let’s get to Summer first!

* Savannah is one of my favorite cities and Back in the Day Bakery is one of my favorite cafes so I knew I was going to love this guide to Savannah from Back in the Day Bakery’s Cheryl Day

* A guide to Nashville from a Nashville-ian is funny but gives some great insight into the great things in each neighborhood

* Since I’m lazy with my hair when I travel: one curling iron, 3 wavy hairstyles

Monday Links to Love

paris las vegas resort

* I want to make a gallery wall in my little apartment but have been nervous. I’m nervous no more with the help of Anthropologie of course

* Nobody likes dull skin

* Who doesn’t want to be as chic as Audrey Hepburn? Thanks to Mandi, here are few ideas to make your wardrobe Audrey Hepburn cool

* And if you’re feeling like more of sexy and French, check out Mandi’s guide to Bardot style

* This speaks right to my museum girl roots: caring for collections as told by New Girl

* A 3D floral monogram may be just what I need to spruce up my walls

Like My Look? Shop My Closet!

threadflippostIt’s no secret that I love clothes. Clothes are my wearable art and I love adding new pieces to my wardrobe and styling them in new and different outfits. Well, after awhile, the closet starts to get a little crammed. Without unlimited closet space, I eventually have to cull the clothes and clear out our walk-in closet. Yes, I am able to clutter up a walk-in closet…and one half of a dresser…and 3/4 of the shelves in our closet…and a large storage bin holding my Summer clothes. Before you start shaking your head at my clothing addiction (and I’ll argue that I’ve seen bloggers who are worse!), check out my wonderful solution: my closet on Threadflip.

Threadflip is an awesome website I stumbled upon when searching “sell your clothes online.” I knew I didn’t want to go the overcrowded eBay route and I don’t have enough vintage duds for an Etsy shop. So Threadflip is the perfect option: it lets you upload clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories to your “closet” for sale in a beautiful, Pinterest-like format and these items can be “flipped” or purchased by other users. The upload process is incredibly easy and situated all on one page and, get this, include shipping in the price of your item and Threadflip sends you the packing materials and shipping label. Score!

I am super excited for my new closet/shop on Threadflip. Please check it out and consider purchasing some of my gently loved duds, some of which have been featured right here on the blog!

This is not a sponsored post for Threadflip, they have no idea who I am beyond being a user, but it is a post asking you to check out my closet!


I’m Wearing: Pile on the Pretty



IMG_6494Top: F21, Shirt: F21, Jeans: Levi’s, Moccassins by Minnetonka, Necklace with pink beads and pearls: JCrew, Pearl and gold necklace: vintage, Watch: Baby G

Sometimes you just want to be comfy without looking like a slob. Actually, for me, that’s all the time. I am always on the lookout for ways I can be fashionable and comfy so when I saw this pretty lace topped sweatshirt, I had to have it. It’s my new go-to piece for weekdays and weekends and in fact I am wearing it as I type this! I paired it with a sweet blue-checked collared shirt to make it a little less casual (or at least that was the thought). I’m also renewing my love for layering up my necklaces. I have been known, in my high school days, for layering no less than five necklaces at a time. Right now you’ll usually catch me with a simple gold charm necklace but I like to go back to my fashion roots every now and then. Take that, Coco Chanel, and you’re “take off one piece” rule.

This outfit served me well for last Saturday’s excursion to Nick’s little sister’s middle school play. It was quite a production and, while she had a small role as a sea animal, it was a lot of fun to see her perform. I think we had even more fun afterwards at the diner where I ordered a ginormous cinnamon roll and we laughed a lot.

As for this weekend, it’s my mom’s birthday so we’re planning on a nice dinner out in Philly on Saturday. I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing then as it’s absolutely freezing around here lately. I can’t wait to celebrate though and finally give her my present which I’ve been dying to give her since before Christmas! Other than that, I’m hoping for a nice relaxing weekend, exactly how I like to spend my cold winter months.


Welcome to Buttons and Blossoms!

Are you here looking for the Lemonade Stand? Don’t worry, you’re here…kind of. Today I’ve officially changed the name of my blog from “The Lemonade Stand” to “Buttons and Blossoms”. I’ve been waiting to make this switch and I’m pretty excited to show it off. I know it doesn’t look all that different: I changed the name, I changed the banner, I changed the background color, and that’s pretty much it. But I’m excited in the coming days and weeks and months and for however long I decide to keep doing this blogging thing to bring you more exciting and fresh content.

It’s not just a name change; it’s a focus change. I started the Lemonade Stand two years ago to be an advice blog for just graduated girls because that’s what I was and that’s what I thought I wanted to be. I figured I could grow as a person and a blogger and bring my experiences onto the blog. I did that and I love (most of) the content I created the past few years. This summer I re-energized my blog by putting a lot of hours into editing and reading tutorials, trying to make this rented and free space more me.

But, if you’ve been reading this blog over the years (which I’m optimistic that you may have), you’ve noticed that there are big stretches where I’ve fallen off the wagon. I thought that by jazzing it up and reading other blogs and trying my hardest, I could make myself into a diligent blogger. Definitely not the case and my new full-time career choice as an elementary teacher helped derail me further.

I racked my brain for why I wasn’t such a good blogger. Then I realized I changed. I wanted to blog but I didn’t want to give advice and it felt like I’d pigeonholed myself into writing advice at The Lemonade Stand. So for the past month or so, I’ve thought about a name change and a blog attitude change. Here we are: buttons and blossoms.

Buttons and blossoms will be a more personal blog with a focus on my personal style, the buttons, and things that make me happy, the blossoms. There is so much I can share now and it’s going to be so much more of me. I love creating outfits and now they won’t be restricted to fashion fridays. I’m also looking forward to sharing some of the hilarious and poignant lessons I’m learning as a teacher (there are a lot of moments to share, let me tell you). I’m so excited to start on this new blogging journey and I hope that you’ll join me.