Eat, Explore, Evolve
Those three words sum up my life and my blog. Buttons & Blossoms is a blog that shows a glimpse of the world through my eyes, the eyes of a 20 something woman, teacher, and Jersey girl. I love great food, exploring the world and my neighborhood, and my life is constantly evolving as I grow and continue my journey! All of this and so much more is what you’ll find when you hang out here at buttons & blossoms.

Now about me: I’m Kendall and I was raised in and can still be found in the Garden State. There’s so much to love about my home and I try to share it all here. While blogging keeps me busy at night, by day I am an elementary teacher and could not be more happy being with my little wonders. Besides dreaming up classroom crafts, I love knitting and writing, I’ll read a book a day if you give me the chance, and I can’t wait until the day I have the extra cash to fill up my passport pages.

I started blogging to become a part of this big and awesome blogging community. Please feel free to drop me a line by e-mail (khar232@gmail.com), via Twitter (@bykendall) or see what I’m up to via Instagram (bykendall)


I'd love to know what you think so leave a comment right below. Thanks for stopping by!

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