Wearing: Polka Dots for Life

wearing: polka dots for life

wearing: polka dots for life

wearing: polka dots for life

top: anthropologie (sold out), shorts: jcrew, necklace: f21, sandals: american eagle (similar)

This top: I’m in love. I stalked this top at Anthropologie waiting and wishing until it could be mine during their annual summer tag sale. I almost had a heart attack and cursed myself when it was sold out in my size online. Later I randomly visited my local Anthro and there it was: one left and in my size. It was definitely meant to be. Being on a budget can sometimes be stressful (really I have such problems). Maybe I should have titled this post “fashionista budget problems” though I’m not sure you’d call me a “fashionista”. But seriously, polka dots are my life. My love of polka dots cannot be confined to just clothes. In September I’ll post a picture of my classroom which I have decked out in polka dots. Nick and I are also registered for polka dot towels from West Elm. Seriously obsessed.

The only problem (if you can have a problem with such a beautiful polka dot top) is that the material is pretty heavy. I wore this top and shorts combo a Saturday or two ago when it was a pretty mild day. Actually this summer has been mild so far with a few humid days here and there. I, and especially my hair, are thankful for that. But this weekend, unfortunately, isn’t looking so great for summer fun. Humid, thunderstorms, and I’ve got a baby shower on Sunday. I love celebrating babies and all of life’s milestones with my friends but, without getting into it, this shower has been one issue after another. I’ll be happy the moment when we welcome the lovely lady and her bump into the party and get to shower her with gifts and can call it a wrap on this whole ordeal. Besides the shower on Sunday, I’ve decided to keep it low key and easy. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a break from life and be lazy. And wear some polka dots because they make life better.


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