The First Wedding Craft! My Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Oh boy, more wedding planning stuff. I swear I have all sorts of blog posts cooking on the back burner but I just really wanted to share my very first wedding craft. Mostly because I’m super proud of them and also because this was one of the least stressful tasks I’ve done so far. Actually, if I’m being honest, nothing has been that stressful thus far. I mostly put the stress on myself trying to make everything perfect. I just have to remember that in the end, when I see Nick at the end of the aisle and celebrate with all my family and friends, it will be totally perfect.

Now back to my first craft: bridesmaid ask gifts. Since this will be my only wedding I want to take advantage of all the projects I’ve wanted to do for years and go all out (as much as my budget will allow, of course). Asking the girls to be my maids was probably something I was most excited to do. All over Pinterest I’d seen different ways to ask the girls to be your bridesmaids from wine bottles to engraved bracelets. What I really liked was the idea of doing a bridesmaid “kit” that gives the girls an idea of what my big day will be like. So I decided to do a bridesmaid box for the girls to open and find out that I wanted them to be by my side on the big day.

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

The boxes I picked out were three dollar photo boxes from Michael’s. I wanted these because they were plain and I could customize them from top to bottom. Then I got comfy in front of the tv and hand-painted the stripes on and stenciled the monogram. While it did take awhile to do the stripes, I love how they turned out. Our wedding doesn’t have a theme but I am adamant about integrating navy and white stripes into the decor. So maybe stripes is our theme?

Inside I included a couple of cute things to get the girls excited and ready for the year ahead. I did $1 navy flip flops from Old Navy, coral nail polish, and a 2015 calendar which was a lucky find in the cheapie section at Michael’s. Now I have two bridesmaids who are not of age and two that are. For my girls that are of age I included a little bottle of raspberry sparkling wine with a striped straw. Everyone needs a little champagne and stripes in their life don’t you think? My underage ladies got a charm necklace which I promptly wanted to steal back for myself. But I was a nice bride and let them keep it.

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Even though all the little gifts were cute, my favorite part had to be the notes I wrote to each girl. Two of the girls are my best friends from high school and middle school, who have been there through thick and thin. When do you honestly get a chance to write a love note to your girl loves? I feel like I probably need to do this more often.

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

I did boxes for the girls I knew I was going to be able to see and ask in person. The fourth person is my beautiful cousin who lives in Texas and I decided it was better to just ask her and then send her something smaller in the mail. Flip flops are heavy you know! Plus with her travelling here for the wedding I wanted her to have something she could bring with her. I found a plain canvas bag and dressed it up a bit. I’m in love with how it turned out! Even though the bag was difficult to paint and even more to actual get it to the post office, this might have been my favorite gift.

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Bridesmaid Ask Gifts

Doing these bridesmaid ask gifts has me itching to start all sorts of wedding DIY projects. I know I say this now and in a couple of months you’ll be reading a post about how I need to outsource these crafts to someone else. But let me bask in the glory of a beautiful first wedding craft.


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