Wedding Brain

image by André Teixeira, Brancoprata via style me pretty

Maybe this is what they call bridal bliss but I’m not so sure about that. I have been engaged to my wonderful man for one month exactly and since he popped the question I feel like my life has turned into wedding, wedding, wedding all the time. Of course the stress is only natural when I want a summer wedding, next year, in New Jersey. Apparently I should have known it would be stressful all along and Nick should have proposed last Fall when all the other brides began booking their big day a year and a half in advance. My only consolation is that I have no desire for an October wedding which is even worse to plan. The past month has made me feel like I’ve popped into a completely different world of price per person, tulle, and table linens.

It has been stressful, particularly finding the perfect venue (and one that was available and not overpriced), but it’s also been wonderful too. I have always loved weddings and now I can finally indulged without feeling awkward about it. When I talked about weddings before being engaged, everyone assumed I wanted to be engaged even though I just loved to see how people style their big day. Now I am able to dig in deep and revel in all the beauty. I can daydream about next summer and how handsome Nick will look and the smiling faces of all my friends and family.

Something that was surprisingly wonderful was meeting with the Deacon at our church. We decided on a religious ceremony mostly because it’s important to me to start our marriage with faith and Nick has always been supportive despite our different religious backgrounds. We have several meetings before the big day but we began talking about our marriage. And even though I know that the end deal is to call Nick my husband, it suddenly became a really big thought. We are entering into something so much more than one day; it’s a lifetime. While it might have been very pretty and unique to have our ceremony at our venue, I feel like there’s so much more to having it at our church. There’s a gravity to it I never expected and it feels like my life as a wife is starting. The commitment is real and wonderful and important. I am having a wedding but I am also gaining a husband and a life partner. How amazing it is to have “wedding brain” and I apologize for any nonsense that might be written here in the next year!


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