Monday Links to Love

It is the first full week of my summer and I will be making the most of it you can be sure. Today there was some shopping at Anthro’s fabulous tag sale and scoring my favorite top, tomorrow will definitely be a great beach day, Wednesday will be my first wedding dress shopping trip (!!!), Thursday is fireworks with great friends, and finally I’ll be celebrating the fourth with family and friends on Friday. Whew! Here’s the kicking off the summer right! Happy Monday!

* For any girl living in an apartment or other tight space, use these tricks to make it look bigger

* On a related note: the ten commandments of rental decor

* Nothing is better than chocolate except healthy chocolate so I will be baking these chocolate protein cupcakes ASAP

* I’m not a big astrology person but I do believe I have felt this mercury retrograde and will be rebooting once it’s over

* For all those bloggers trying to find their way (like me), here are three things NOT to do


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