A Different Me, Part Two

Never one to go into anything halfway I’ve really committed myself to this whole “better life” thing. Open our apartment fridge and you’ll find it jam-packed with veggies, almond milk, chickpeas, and chicken sausage. I sweat it out daily before cooking dinner after being at work all day. I am committed. At least I’ve committed myself to making healthier changes to my body but then there’s working my mind.

I believe a good majority of success is based on your mental state. I do have the desire to workout and eat healthy food (most of the time). But then there’s the part of having a healthier lifestyle that goes with having a positive mental state, wanting to be a better person. That’s the thing I really struggle with. I can motivate myself to look better with diet and exercise but I also want to feel better. What’s the point, really, of having a great body if you feel terrible on the inside?

Along with a push for a healthier body I am making a push for “healthier” thoughts. My mind has been populated with negative thoughts about myself and others. I find myself too stressed out and filled with anxiety over the smallest things. The first thing I decided to do to help myself out was to reflect and search for the source. After reflecting on it, I realize I’m probably still holding on to some of the worry and stress I faced the last few years with an unsteady job market, grad school, and becoming an adult. Finding the source has helped me to realize it’s time to let go and find a happier and healthier state of mind.

I wish I could just make this all happen on my own but success is fueled by resources. After seeing a few reviews on various blogs and posts on Instagram I picked up Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book Miracles Now at Barnes and Noble. Inside Gabby promises to provide 108 “miracles” or tools for changing your everyday life in small, significant ways. The short and simple exercises are meant to target a specific problem you might be facing to make your life happier and healthier. I’m just part of the way into the book and my mind is already shifting. This past weekend I felt myself let go of some negative thoughts and mentally “pull” some light into my life.

I know I’m starting to feel changes in my body and it’s slowly starting to creep even deeper. I truly believe that being the new, different, happier, healthier me is a combination of determination, planning, and positivity. While it’s no scientific research, I can tell you from personal experience that you need your mind and your body together for any great change and success.


3 thoughts on “A Different Me, Part Two

  1. Dear Kendall,

    I do have a twitter but I never use it xD

    can you name all the things you have?

    🙂 please, name them all

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