In Ink


You might have thought I was dead for all the junk that was being posted, or not posted, here but I am not. Nope, just had to survive two weeks of torture before I could have a week off for Spring Break. If I had known teaching would be almost 50/50 between teaching and annoying paperwork I might have considered a less awesome career choice like accountant or something. I have done more (meaningless) paperwork in my life for school instead of actually helping my students learn and be the awesome little people they are. Okay, end of teaching rant. Also, did you see how I said accountant there? Nobody would want me to be their accountant. I would tell them to spend their money on cute home decor and they would go broke.

While I wasn’t online, I was actually living and writing off line. It’s funny to think that probably about ten years ago all my living and writing was done offline. My parents annoyingly relegated our family computer to the basement and the computer that lived in the cutest little nook in my room was an old Gateway that could barely get its act together for word processing. So I had notebooks, lots of notebooks, and I wrote and wrote and wrote in them. I wrote with pen and paper, in cursive no less, all the way through college. Then I kind of stopped writing about everything when I graduated because there was less time. Or I made less time and I spent it all on the internet. Now I’m back to writing in a bright yellow journal in ink and cursive and it’s been so so good.

The weird thing is that it’s been hard to journal again. Well it’s just grabbing a pen and writing, duh, you might say (or I imagine you saying). Well, I’ve become so accustomed to writing online which means attempting to be witty and interesting and censoring some of the way-too-true bits so I don’t embarrass myself down the line. Also writing those two little paragraphs under an outfit post don’t make me a real writer. I’ve had to say to myself, hey, you can in fact write whatever you want. Don’t hold back. Dump your mind here on these awkwardly spaced black lines (thanks Michael’s dollar section notebook).

I also had to make time for it. When I blog I have about a million tabs open and I’m flipping between fooling with the post layout and Pinterest and Twitter. But with a notebook in my hand I find I can’t have too many distractions. There has to be a comfortable spot where I can prop the book on my knees or place it on a table. There’s no tv on in the background and sometimes music is okay. Also stay out of my way when I’m journaling because then I get really self-conscious.

When it’s all said and done, I’m so glad I got back into the practice of getting off the internet and back on paper. I’m able to write a post like this, unencumbered by those random thoughts racing through my brain. The words are flowing, people, stand back and hold onto your hats.


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