Monday Links to Love


One more day down, four to go until Spring break. It’s not like I’m even doing anything for the break except never getting out of my pajamas and drinking so much tea and watching Downtown Abbey until I am British. Yes, big plans but first I’m in survival mode since you’ve never seen craziness like nine years before a whole week off. I foresee many dance parties for my class this week and reading Stuart Little. Sometimes it’s good to be the boss in my own classroom.

* Love this list: classic children’s books to read again now

* How to style your home, particularly relevant right now with spring cleaning in full force

* Get the most bang for your beauty buck with these drugstore beauty buys

* Stress, stress, go away is easy with three deep breaths

* About to rush out to B&N in search of these gorgeous magazines found on the Glitter Guide

* And in that vein: a very honest article from Darling Magazine about dating right

* If only I could call the City of Light my home: 15 rules for living in Paris

* I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect circle skirt so I might as well just make my own


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