Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

As I sit down to write about my weekend, finally, on this Wednesday I thought I would give you an honest title. Yup, that title is the most accurate description of my weekend. It was a weekend of parents, zombies, and pizza and I have to say it was a pretty good one. The only part I would change is to get rid of this rainy weather. Sun, hurry up and get here!

Let’s start with the parents part. Nick and I will be dating for four and a half years later this month but never once have our parents met. I never thought this was particularly shocking; we met post-college and though we both lived at home, it never once crossed my mind or Nick’s that our parents needed to meet. We were busy running around, falling in love, and minding our own business. Sometimes we’re in our own little world. I don’t want to sound like it wasn’t important that our families meet but it just felt like both sides care for us and would get along so why worry about it? Anyway we arranged for my mom and her boyfriend and Nick’s parents and little sister to meet over dinner. We got a little nervous as we pulled up to the restaurant: what would they talk about? Would it be awkward? Nick and I don’t generally like to be in the spotlight so having to steer the conversation was not something I was looking forward to. Never fear; everyone got along great and the only bad thing was my panini. And there was a guitar player in the bar area who played Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker about five times before we left so meet the parents was definitely a win.

On the drive home Saturday night I pitched the idea of Sunday brunch to Nick. My mid-20s has been the brunch revolution for me and I crave a good Sunday brunch. So after I repeated, “yum, brunch” to Nick every five minutes during our forty minute drive home, Nick caved in and we decided to go to the Sidecar in the Graduate Hospital or Southwest Center City part of Philly. Philly brunch is just good brunch, people. We snagged stools at the bar and since I was starving I ordered the potato and cheddar egg burrito. It was the size of a small baby and, yes, completely delicious. Please do not remind me how close bikini season is.

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

After brunch I was excited for our main Sunday activity because despite what my writing indicates it was not brunch. No it was zombie beer. If you live anywhere around Philadelphia and sometimes beyond, your social media and/or news outlet blew up the story of the Walker beer from Dock Street Brewery. They created this beer to celebrate the season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC and brewed their hops with roasted goat brains and cranberries. Yes, goat brains, as the guy behind us in line kept reminding every innocent passerby. The cranberries were there purely to keep it classy. But before we crazily waited in the cold rain for four bottles of beer, we checked out the magic of the Dock Street Brewery.

You would think that beer lovers like us had checked out all the breweries within a fifty mile radius of our apartment but somehow we missed Dock Street. Maybe part of the reason is that Dock Street is located in the sketchy West Philly neighborhood which goes from great to not so great in a matter of blocks. But the brewery sits in a perfectly nice, hipsterized area in a renovated firehouse. We grabbed a seat at the bar and a couple of beers and watched the Flyers lose in a shoot out. You can’t have everything I guess. But the beers were delicious and then we decided that brunch had been too long ago so a pizza was most definitely needed.

The pizza proved to be what we needed to sustain us during our long wait for the Walker beer. The nice bartender/manager-maybe explained how they got a greater response than they thought for the beer and their viewing party so we’d have to get in line around the side at the door to the brewery part of the brewery/restaurant. Yes, just as sketchy as it sounds but what more could you want for a beer brewed for zombies?

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All DayMeet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Dock Street Brewery Pizza and Beer

Dock Street Brewery Beer

Dock Street Brewery Walker Beer

Sorry, no pictures of standing in the pouring cold rain. We did make a few friends out there with some die hard Walking Dead fans and got the most delicious pale stout made with goat brains so it was all good. I also somehow convinced Nick that it just made sense to get pizza on our way home and we stopped in Kensington for Pizza Brain. I’m sensing another theme of our weekend…

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

Meet the Parents, Zombie Beer, and Pizza All Day

I just love Pizza Brain; it has the nation’s first pizza museum! That basically means a lot of really cool pizza memorabilia and delicious pizza combinations. We enjoyed our Walker beers and pizza before the season finale. I am definitely looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend.


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