Monday Links to Love

A Day at Philly Museums

You can probably judge the success of my Monday by the timing of this post. After a weekend that went by way too fast, this day seemed to get off on the wrong crazy foot. I hope this isn’t indicative of the week because I’d just like to have a calm week for once. Every time I have one of those planned something seems to throw a wrench into it. Though, on second thought, if I’m not going to have a calm week, I hope I have some good excitement. Here’s hoping for a good week!

* My kind of travel guide: best cities for beer lovers

* Start a new ritual to get creative

* I love personal guide’s to big cities and a guide to NYC from J.Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons is perfection

* Time to travel so I can try these travel memory craft ideas

* A beautiful post by Crystal of The Happy Type: Everyone Has Their Own Struggle (seriously one of the most inspiring bloggers I’ve come across, check her out!)

* And a beautiful, poignant post to share with you: an article posted to Modern Loss by a girl I went to high school with about the loss her mother just as she was coming into adulthood. It’s wonderfully, eloquently written and I was in tears. Her mother was one of my favorite teachers growing up and I miss her presence in this world.


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