Monday Links to Love

brick buildings of Philadelphia

The best way to get over daylight savings? Become deathly ill so that your sleep times become all messed up. Worst way to spend your best friend’s birthday weekend? Dragging your sick self through the birthday festivities and stealing bar napkins for your stuffy nose. In other words this weekend was a draw between the good and the bad. I do however feel slightly reborn after getting completely run-down at the end of February, getting sick this weekend, and waking up this morning partially recovered. I feel like I’m finally ready to tackle Spring and I think I’m also ready to tackle it here on the blog. So happy Monday and happy (almost) Spring!

* What better way to experience Philly than with a beer tour? At least to me…

* If you had to create a soundtrack to your life, what would it sound like?

* Casey is one of my favorite bloggers (and I-wish-I-was-you reads!) shows how to create custom itinerary map with Google Maps. Genius!

* Been searching for cute boyfriend jeans? Stop your search now and create them for free!

* I’m not planning a wedding menu or anything fancy like that but you gotta love menu planning advice from some of Philly’s best chefs for some day

* Bottomless brunch, dinner parties, yoga, a travel mug: um, yes, 21 things you suddenly start wanting in your mid-20s

* Take me back to Morocco! Well, at least I can pretend with this mint tea cocktail from Anthropologie’s blog


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