How to Survive a Snow Day

trees snow february

I don’t usually (ever) write how-to posts because I don’t think there’s anything I’m really an expert on…until now. With the winter weather that is rocking the Northeast this year I believe I have officially become a snow day expert. With three snow days and counting under my belt I have a great deal of experience on cabin fever, essential food products that will keep you fatter and happier than the snowflakes outside, and the places to avoid right before the storm. Now that I’ve sold you on my credentials, please find my five best tips below.

snow day breakfast

1. Buy or make something special for breakfast. To me a snow day is a holiday, plain and simple, and in my family that means a special breakfast. On school holidays my mom used to make us something special for breakfast or take us out for breakfast and my childhood was better for it. I’ve carried that tradition with me and now try to buy ingredients for a special breakfast if I think we’ll have a snow day. Usually it will be cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury but if I have time I like to make something like these delicious sugar donut muffins. Who doesn’t want to start their snow day off right?

2. Have a go-to warm beverage. Nothing is cozier than watching the snow fall with a warm cup of something in your hands. I love tea and I know it’s a snow day when I can make a cup of Earl Grey in my Anthropologie mug. Pure heaven. It’s also helpful when you come inside from digging out your car and want to warm up quick. Make sure that it’s a warm beverage you can make at home because there is no way you can get to Starbucks for some fancy soy latte, unless you live in a city, and then I’m really jealous of you.

warm beverage

3. Make sure you have clean and cute lounge wear. And by lounge wear I mean leggings. Leggings are the perfect snow day pant because they are insanely comfortable and they tuck into your boots when someone drags you away from tv watching laziness and makes you go outside to dig out. I don’t ever wear leggings outside of my home unless I know I will be staying in the car because I live by the rule that leggings are not pants. So it feels luxuriously lazy to live in leggings for one day. I pair that with something over-sized on top and, while you wouldn’t call me the most fashionable, I would argue that I am the most comfortable.

4. Invest in some new DVDs or books or Netflix. When you are stuck in the house all day you need something to do. On a normal day I am a highly productive human being but on a snow day my productivity level dips to zero. So instead of pretending like I am going to do something useful I give into my impulses and watch tons of tv and read for hours. I haven’t yet invested in Netflix because I don’t have time to watch normal tv as it is but this winter is making me strongly consider getting account. Instead Nick and I have invested in lots of tv on DVD like Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey and my Nook is fully charged with books from a recent and rare Nook book sale. Keeps me somewhat insane and watching pointless tv all day almost makes it feel like a vacation.

boots in snow

5. Get some boots, make that snow boots. Boots are a good investment for two reasons: first you’re going to get tired from being inside all day and feel like you need to get outside before you start to climb the walls and second you will eventually need to trudge to your car or work in the snow or more likely slush. While you may think your regular boots will cut it, they probably won’t. Mixed in with the snow is going to be sand and salt and weird snow melting chemicals and that will ruin your shoes. Lucky for you, there are tons of cute snow boots out there so if you’re ridiculous and always want to look put together like me then you have nothing to fear.

Right now it seems like there’s no end in sight when it comes to this winter and becoming a snow day expert is probably the most depressing moment of my life. At least I’ve caught up on all my tv shows though! Hope you’re enjoying sunnier and warmer days than me!


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