Monday Links to Love

snow drive

Another Monday, another snow day. After last winter’s depressing showing of little to no snow, this winter has been quite a shocker for New Jersey. I do love having the day after the Super Bowl off but all these days off are wrecking havoc on my school plans. Still I’m not going to stress; I’ve opened the blinds so I can watch the white stuff float to the ground and I’m using the extra time to catch up on blogs and Pinterest. A girl has got to have priorities right? Happy Monday and stay warm!

* Though I’m not planning on travelling anywhere any time soon, I’m putting these travel photo taking tips on the shelf for later

* Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the girls this year? (Also known as Galentine’s Day to my fellow Leslie Knope followers) Brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the day so check out this post for hosting a sweet brunch or this post complete with DIY projects and recipes to make planning simply lovely

* Even though it’s February, it’s never too late to spiff up your blog for 2014

* Being an art lover/nerd, I think I’ll take it to the next level and put some pretty patterns on my nails

* I just recently found Crystal of The Happy Type and seriously, this girl knows what she’s talking about when she says whatever you want to do, do it. I may need to stalk her until she becomes my friend…

* The colors of this hot air balloon engagement take my breath away. Oh and so does the love.


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