I Strongly Dislike This Month

January is one of my least favorite months of the year right behind March (and I’ll explain that later). After the hoopla of the new year is over, it sinks in that it is officially winter. Not the fun, deck-the-halls, sparkly-party-dresses-every-weekend winter that seemed bearable in December. This is the blistering cold, running noses, flu-ridden, gray-as-cement winter that I just cannot stand. Thank you, winter storm Janus, for highlighting this fact with my hour and half commute…of usually only twenty minutes. While I have heard rumors that there are people who actually like this cold weather, I am not one of those crazy people. Whether I’m bikini ready or not, I would welcome a day above 65 degrees sooner rather than later. This is usually the time of year I fall into an incredible funk. It is too cold to get out of bed, much less out of the house, and so I wallow in my wintertime cocoon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      But not this year. I have vowed that I will not be my usual mopey self this January. I do have my new year’s goals but I’m talking about things that’ll get me through this month. I like setting small goals like “survive January.”
The first thing is following a workout schedule. I will admit that since starting my full-time job in August, I have been much less active than I should be. Even though I know I need to work out, I still find it hard to stick with it. I need to be doing something that will keep my interest from day to day and I’ve never found a gym or workout program that will do that for me. That was until I discovered Tone It Up. Created by two California “beach babes”, this is a lifestyle plan that focuses on being healthy AND loving yourself. I love their message and their workouts are amazing. I’ve been at it for about three weeks now and feel stronger and more confident. I’m nowhere near where I want to be fitness and health-wise but the lovely ladies of Tone It Up are definitely brightening up my dreary January by getting me moving!
January TV on DVD

The next bit of “newness” in my life this January is the exact opposite of my new fitness regimen. I’ve become addicted to TV on DVD. It’s become a habit of Nick and I to pop on a few episodes of a new-to-us show on a Saturday morning while enjoying our favorite Starbucks beverages. I justify out laziness with my working out and that it is some quality time with Nick. Currently I have gotten Nick to watch Downton Abbey with me (and he likes it!). We will be starting Breaking Bad soon and also purchased our favorite guilty pleasure show, the now-defunct Happy Endings, to re-watch. Everyone has to have a lazy habit.

blue velvet cupcake
 Finally the last thing is something for the blog. While battling with sleeplessness one night, I started thinking about my blog. Ignoring the fact that thinking about my blog was not going to be a cure for my restlessness, I went over in my mind all posts that I really liked writing and posts I’d really like to write. One of the posts, really more of a post series, that I miss is my Good Eats posts where I talked about places I loved eating at home, in Philly, and on my travels. Of course, I don’t get to go out to eat all that often but it’s fun to talk about these great places serving up delicious food when I can. So look out for Good Eats making an appearance some time soon!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The other type of post I want to start writing is completely new but along the same lines. My friends have said over and over again that Nick and I find great places and fun things to do together as a couple. A lot of the things we do together don’t cost a whole lot of money and we grow closer with every new experience we have together. I decided that I’m going to start documenting some of the things we do and letting others know about our “secrets.” That way, even if you don’t live in the Philly/NJ area, you can still save money on fun things to do with your special someone, friends, or just by yourself.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   While I may dislike January, I feel like with my new “hobbies”, it might not be so bad. How are you handling this dreary month?

2 thoughts on “I Strongly Dislike This Month

  1. part of the reason I started blogging was to document the adventures, big or small, that my boyfriend and I have together. We’re always on the go and find fun places to see too – I encourage you to tell your stories! I’d love to read them 🙂

    And good luck with Breaking Bad…we started it and finished it in 3 weeks – you’ll be hooked!!

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