Monday Links to Love

* This year is a great year to bring some unconditional love into your life

* Since it’s snowy outside and feels like a twenty below, this may be the perfect time whip up some carnival food

*I’m the worst at curly hairstyles so thank you Lauren Conrad for your tips on how to make them stay

* Interesting: how to know if you’re with the right partner

* Okay, so I’m not a new mom but I’m lazy which is why these quick and easy hair tutorials from the small things blog are perfect for me and you, if you’re lazy too!

* From the Happiness Project: the many types of friends will make you think about your tribe of friends

And of course, some links for the new year still:

* I don’t have any travel plans for 2014 (yet!) so maybe I will use this list from the New York Times on where to go this year

* Don’t have any New Year’s resolutions? Adopt one or a few of these great ones

* Make 2014 your best year (via Gala Darling)


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