January Thoughts Lately…on blogging and all that

Though I didn’t intend to, last week I took a lovely little blogging hiatus. Tuesday’s post was one I’d written awhile ago and never found the right time to release into blogland. It turned into the perfect remedy for my blogging laziness and so you all didn’t forget about me.

While I have my several goals for this brand new year, my unspoken rule for this blog is that I will do it for me. “It” can be anything: take a break, accept a challenge, say no or say yes. Last year I feel like I spent a lot of time stretching and straining to do it all and on someone else’s schedule most of the time, both on the internet and in real life. For 2014, my hope is to grow a greater feeling of control and purposefulness by reminding myself I am making the choice for me.

After nearly four years of off and on “lazy” blogging, I definitely keep it to my schedule. But I’ve also felt like I’ve kind of been halfheartedly chasing someone else’s success. So my thought when I took that week was, let’s start the year off right. Let’s not be like all the rest rolling out posts to boost my pageviews in the first few days of the new year. Let me say no to posting just because I’m supposed to have a regular schedule that blog readers can follow. At the end of 2o13 I did the posts I wanted to like my new year’s resolutions, my guiding word, and my fashion blogger-y love of Polyvore collages for 2014 style files. These posts are cheesy and run-of-the-mill but I love writing them. They are what makes blogging fun for me.

That’s the way it’s going to be: making my space mine by writing my own rules. I’m tired of reading about branding and flicking through giveaways and seeing sponsorship blurbs at the end of a post. That stuff is what makes it for other bloggers but for me, I’m going to focus on making my place a good place to dump some happy thoughts, dandy myself up for some photos, and just share.

Thank you for the time to reflect, January (and that random snow day). 2014 is going to be a good year for blogging.


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