Favorite Fashion of 2013

stripes and eyelet look

pink blazer phillip lim target









This has been a great year for outfit posts and I picked some of my favorite to share with you (click on any of the photos to go to the original post!). Looking back at all the pictures, it shows how many different looks I tried this year while sticking to my style definition: colorful classic. If I had to pick a favorite outfit, I’d go with my pink sweater with orange jeans that I wore in the Spring. Talk about color! It also makes me smile to see how it’s styled with messy curls and my big polka-dotted sunglasses.

What makes me happiest about posting my outfits on this little corner of the internet is how it forces me to constantly think outside the box with my closet. I’m the kind of girl who loves different types of fashion but falls in a rut of comfy and quick over fashionably styled. Sometimes I get a little crazy about trying to re-imagine the clothes I have since I don’t have a big budget to hit up my favorite stores all the time. But I feel like all that craziness paid off when I look back and have a hard time picking out my favorite looks of 2013.

For 2014, I’m hoping to have even more outfits up on the blog. These posts are by far my most popular and while I never thought I would be a “fashion blogger” I guess in some ways I am. While I won’t be getting new clothes any time soon since Nick and I are saving our money for bigger and better things, I will be remixing what I’ve got and stretching my style. Check back next Friday because I’ve had the brilliant idea of creating some clothing collages of what I wish my style will look like next year. I dream a lot of style dreams…


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