Christmas Time Around Here

Sorry about the Christmas-heavy content around here lately but, as they say, ’tis the season! I only have one day left to get in all my holiday cheer so bear with me. Today’s post is a wrap-up of most of the Christmas things that have been going on around here since I’ve been sharing an awful lot of things about traditions and “getting into the spirit” but haven’t shared any pictures of what I’ve been doing. So here you go!

happy birthday nick

christmas in philadelphia

christmas at liberty one philadelphia

farmer's cabinet philadelphiaOur first celebration of the season was Nick’s birthday. He’s my little Saint Nick with his birthday falling right on St. Nicholas Day at the beginning of December. Thankfully he doesn’t mind doing a few Christmas things for his birthday. We had a special dinner the night of his birthday where he opened his Christmas presents and then we went to see Catching Fire. So good! The next day we traipsed around Philly seeing all the city sights. We try to hit up as many trees as possible and get our picture with each one. We did pretty good this year before finally succumbing to the cold and dashing inside Farmer’s Cabinet for a drink before a big Italian dinner at Little Nonna’s. I love how evenly spaced our birthdays are; mine in June and his in December. We get to celebrate two great times of the year (though I’m glad I’m the summer baby!).

christmas tree

mercury glass ornament

christmas treeI’m a huge fan of Christmas tree decorating and was happy to help my Mom decorate hers after Nick and I decorated ours. How massive is her tree?! It took a looong time to get the whole thing decorated and we had to stretch and layer our candy and bead garlands because the tree was just so big. I love decorating the tree with my Mom because she has all the ornaments from my childhood. There are ornaments we collected from our travels and ones all the way back from when my brother and I were babies. Decorating the trees is a great walk down memory lane. Nick and I have started a tradition of getting an ornament when we travel as well as ones to celebrate each holiday season. This year we got mercury glass initial ornaments from Anthropologie because they were so pretty and we’re suckers for monograms.

christmas bar crawl

ugly sweater bar crawl

christmas sweater best friendsMy friends are the greatest in that they braved the snow and freezing rain a few weekends back to go on an ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl for Nick’s birthday. My sweater is borrowed from my Dad and I do believe he has had this sweater in his closet since before I was born. He also still wears it in all Christmas seriousness. I did get a few compliments on it from people who thought it was cute. I wish I had a better picture of some of the other sweaters as they were pretty styling as well. Nick’s ugly sweater was from Target and I got it for him for his birthday as I knew he would not wear anything thrifted. Skulls in Christmas hats is pretty ugly if I do say so myself.

santa claus selfie

a christmas story display

christmas at feeney's

christmas at feeney's

christmas at feeney'sThis past weekend Nick took me to Feeney’s in Bucks County, PA for the first time. With how much he knows I love Christmas, I’m surprised this was the first year he took me to this winter wonderland. Feeney’s is basically a gardening and decor store that transforms itself into a Christmas mecca at holiday time. There were rooms upon rooms of fantastic holiday displays including the above creepy A Christmas Story mannequins. I loved all the towering Christmas trees that you could pluck ornaments off of and buy. This may just be a new Christmas time tradition!

That about wraps up Christmas in Jersey for us. Tonight Nick and I will celebrate Christmas Eve together by going to Mass at my high school, having a delicious steak dinner cooked up by me, and maybe travelling through some of the neighborhoods in the area checking out the great light displays. It will be a very relaxing Christmas Eve with just the two of us before we drive between New Jersey and Pennsylvania tomorrow visiting all of our family. I’m sad the season is basically over but I can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow! Who’s with me?






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