I’m Wearing: Leather Eyelet

stripes and eyelet look

leather eyelet detail

leather skirt and stripesskirt, necklace, heels: f21, shirt: gap, tights: target

A few weeks back now, I hosted a holiday party at my house for the first time and this is what I wore. Maybe not the best for cleaning out chicken guts, whipping up an apple pie, or running around refilling drinks but I did feel darn cute. When I saw this skirt on the hanger in Forever 21, I had to have it even though I had sworn off all sorts of short skirts. I don’t have a thing against short skirts necessarily but I have dealt with tragedy of being tall and having long legs my whole life. I know, boo-hoo to me! But until you dig through your closet frantically because everything that would look fine on a regular sized girl looks like a mini skirt on you (so you just go with the stupid almost too short pants instead), we just will not see eye to eye. This skirt will only ever be acceptable on the weekends and in the right company but part of full time employment is the luxury of buying one ridiculous item for your closet per year and this skirt is mine.

This weekend I will be once again playing hostess as I am coordinating an ugly sweater bar crawl in Philly for Nick’s birthday. Unfortunately our area is set to get some snowy rain throughout the day but I am hoping that the drinks and the company will just be too good for us to care. I never hosted or went to an ugly sweater party before, which surprises even me. But it has always been my dream to borrow and wear the Christmas sweater my Dad always wears at the holiday season and he’s letting me! So get ready for some really great pictures next week. Have a great weekend!



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