Monday Links to Love

Prague, Czech Republic

Links are a bit later tonight because Monday just threw me for a loop. It seems harder and harder to get up on Monday as Christmas break gets closer and closer. Also the snowy day yesterday just made me want to cozy up under the covers until the Spring thaw. But I got up, put on a smile, read some fun picture books, and then came home to a chai tea latte in the light of my newly assembled Christmas tree. I hope you had a happy Monday but here’s to Tuesday!

* I went to see Catching Fire on Friday and then got super excited when I found this post on Yes and Yes: Hunger Games Lamb Stew.

* Dry skin sufferers (like me) get some relief with a list of good body creams for the winter season

* The recipe for these gingerbread-spiced marshmallows has me dreaming of a fireplace and twinkle lights on a Christmas tree

* For me it’s always the thought that counts so homemade always wins for the holiday season

* Fell in love with this cozy and calm bedroom

* As a young teacher I find it fascinating to read why I shouldn’t become a teacher


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