Finally A Day To Myself

paris las vegas pool

Wish I was back in Vegas, poolside, for my day off

I’ll let you in on a little secret of my blog: I schedule the large majority of my posts. That’s probably not as surprising as it might seem. I work full time as a third grade teacher and that’s really not conducive to sitting at a computer screen and thinking and writing in the middle of the day or even the early morning. Come to think of it, this whole deal of being a teacher, especially one in her first full year at one school (instead of jumping schools and grade levels like last year), is pretty exhausting. Some days I am just too wiped out to be creative. And in the interest of Tuesday’s post, I am trying to get away from wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am blog posting. Authenticity and truth are my new values in blogland. Well thankfully the teacher’s union in New Jersey schedules a conference that means two full days off in the first week of November so today I am bringing this post to you live and authentic. Thanks, union, for backing up my good intentions!

More important than having this day off to blog is having a day off to finally relax. I feel like I’ve been on the run since late August and just haven’t taken a big breath since I started teaching. I always used to associate sitting around and relaxing to being lazy, thus believing I was pretty lazy. My family is a go, go, go family whether at work or in the evening after work or on the weekends. I don’t think we ever just stayed at home on the weekend when I was growing up. Sometimes I hated this and then I felt bad because who doesn’t want to go out and have fun? But now, in my old age of 26, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a person who needs her time to “do nothing.”

“Doing nothing” is my time of renewal. I am an introvert with some extrovert tendencies. I think I forget about my introvertedness because I push myself to be outgoing and talkative and social. After pushing myself to be the kind of social person people want me to be I need days like today to sit and relax. I need time to dig into my own thoughts, to do my writing in my pjs with a hot chai on the table next to me. On my Monday links I posted a link to an article that said doing nothing can be good for your health and I thought, yes! That’s exactly right! Finally, I feel justified in my need for this alone time, this renewal time.

To round off this spontaneous, self-affirming blog post, I’m going to do one of my favorite things: make a list. Enjoy my list of my favorite ways for renewal, rejuvenation, and happiness for this extroverted introvert.

1. Read a book, a new one or an old favorite.

2. Discover new blogs and comment on them. Blogland love is good for the soul.

3. Listen to records.

4. Write in my pink everyday journal with my favorite pen. I’m a teacher so naturally I’m obsessive about my office supplies.

5. Take a long, hot shower.

6. Do some knitting. Got to get back to this for the winter.

7. Go on a Pinterest binge. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might benefit from my craziness.

8. Stretching and pretending to meditate because I’m not that good at it but feel like it is probably good for me.

9. Planning a trip I may or may not take. It’s the thought of getting away that counts.

10. Sitting on the couch or on my back patio or anywhere really and just thinking.


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