So Much October

While I really miss the summer (oh Jersey Shore!) I’ve been soaking up this Fall season. I got a chance to see my friends every weekend, which used to be a rare occurrence, and our place is appropriately decked out in brand-new Halloween decorations. This is my first year getting to scratch my decorating itch and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Of course one Fall activity I couldn’t pass up was a trip to the farm. Nick and I took a ride out to a farm in the western suburbs of Philadelphia because I read in a magazine about this place that had hayrides around their farm for just $2. I love a good hayride and I love a bargain so I assumed it was going to be a win-win. Well the farm was a whole lot smaller than I thought and the hayride didn’t look like a lot of fun. Plus we would have looked really creepy being the only childless riders. Instead we ended up wandering through their fields and farm stands and they had some really amazing things including pumpkins that were almost pastel. Naturally I had to have one for decorating and then found some mini pumpkins, including one they call a “cannonball” pumpkin. So the trip was totally worth it and Nick and I ended up joining some friends later for a fun haunted hayride.

fall farm pumpkins

October farm

October farm trip

fall pumpkin display

pale pumpkinSince I started decorating my place with pumpkins I just decided to roll with it when one of my best friends wanted to do a Halloween bar crawl starting at my apartment. What a great excuse to visit Target’s Halloween section! Since we moved into our apartment around this time last year, I barely felt like I celebrated it at all. That and the fact that Hurricane Sandy was wrecking havoc all over our region. But the excuse of a party meant going all out. Thank you people of Pinterest for pinning so many inspiring pins so that I had plenty of great ideas to use.

Yes, that's Addams family on our tv!

Yes, that’s Addams family on our tv!

Halloween party decorations

beer pumpkin

Halloween party decorations

Halloween party decorations

Halloween party decorations

This last photo is my favorite because it’s pre-party with my very own Sam Adams! Nick and I decided to do a fun couples costume as Sam Adams and the St. Pauli Girl. I thought Nick looked great but I looked more like a slutty beer waitress. But isn’t that’s what Halloween is for?



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