Monday Links to Love

las vegas sign

I was really good about getting those posts together to go up while I was away on vacation but I have been less successful blogging since I got back. Coming back from Las Vegas unfortunately also coincides with new teacher training in my new school district. So while I wish I could promise the blog will get some loving in the next few days, there’s no guarantee with so much to do before the school year starts. I can hardly believe school starts so soon! But while I may be absent around here, you can at least enjoy some great links. Happy Tuesday!

* A super easy tutorial for getting pretty gradient nails

* Truth: there aren’t that many “perfect” jobs.

* From watching my summer guilty pleasure Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition I have come to love Chris and Heidi Powell and their relationship. I love what Heidi wrote on HuffPost about having a perfectly imperfect relationship. Those words “perfectly imperfect” make me so happy.

* How weird: the true ages of the Founding Fathers. And most are younger than you’d think.

* Check out a list of men you should meet (sorry that sounds sketchier than it is)

* Good advice for something I am (unfortunately) guilty of: dealing with jealousy


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