Paris on My Mind

Fontaine Place de la Concorde, Paris

Lately I have been dreaming of travel. As Nick has realized, I was bitten by the travel bug at an early age and every once in awhile I get an irresistible urge to get up and go. I have a huge list of places I’d like to go, near and far, but sometimes I reminisce about some of the wonderful places I’ve traveled to so far. And with Bastille Day, or as the French call it la fete nationale this Sunday, I am dreaming of all things French and Parisian.

The last time I crossed the Atlantic and skipped down Parisian avenues was my senior year of high school which, unfortunately, was quite awhile ago. It’s also going to stay “quite awhile” for a little bit longer as my tight budget doesn’t really have room in it for transatlantic flights. But my heart still longs for croissants, cobblestones, and cafes. So I came up with a compromise: do as many things that remind me of France as possible and pretend I’m there. It might work right?


1. Watch Midnight in Paris and sip Sofia.

2. Buy croissants and lattes and sit on your porch, patio or balcony. It’s even better if you live in a city and can watch people stroll by.


3. Wear large sunglasses, a full skirt, and a fashionable bag. For some reason, this makes me feel fabulously French.

4. Get down to the nitty gritty and get some Learn French language cds. Or you can pretend to learn French by watching some French language movies that will inevitably star Gerard Depardieu.

5. Host a Bastille Day party using some leftover red, white, and blue accessories from the fourth and make delicious French dishes like savory crepes and croque monsieur. Play some Vanessa Paradis and drink white wine and it will feel quite Parisian despite never having hopped aboard a plane.

Street Style | AtlantaPacific | Sweater: ASOS, Skirt: Tibi, Shoes: Valentino, Bag: Celine

6. Go to Parc in Philadelphia. Seriously, get there early, sit at one of their sidewalk tables, and eat some delicious French cuisine. I guarantee you will feel like you are in Paris and like you are stuffed (because you will be!)

Oh Paris, why do you have to entice me with delicious food, romance, and fashion? If only it wasn’t so far away. Now I know serious travel cravings and if all else fails, do what I do: book a trip somewhere affordable. Which is why I’ll be heading to Las Vegas in August. And yes, I will be staying at Paris Las Vegas. I don’t always get what I want but I’m definitely getting what I need. Now August get here faster!




One thought on “Paris on My Mind

  1. Sounds like the next best thing to actually being there! I love Paris…and the movie Midnight in Paris, too. Such a lovely city! I hope you get to really visit there again someday soon! Although, Vegas does sound like a pretty great compromise!

    Thanks for linking up with the Fresh Face Friday blog hop! I so appreciate it and I’m happy to have you! Enjoy your weekend, girl!

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