My Home: The Kitchen

Nick and I have lived in our little one bedroom for about eight months already and I’ve loved every minute of it. I always thought I’d want to shack up in a city place with the ability to walk everywhere and, while I still have that dream, I’m loving our little suburban life. We have the perfect patio and I’m planning on enjoying it more once the weather stops being unbearable. While I love every inch of our apartment, one of my other favorite spaces is our kitchen.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s perfect. It is a minuscule part of the apartment with barely any counter or cabinet space. There is one drawer. That’s right, one drawer for all the utensils, oven mitts, scoopers, slicers, and anything else that I’d like to store in a drawer. But despite the teeny tiny space, I’ve come to love my kitchen and have created some delicious meals there. Having my own kitchen has made me more adventurous and I like to try new recipes as much as possible.

I’ve also taken the nondescript space and jazzed it up in my style. Some of my treasured pieces, like a wine pitcher from my favorite pizza place in Rome and a vintage pie bird gifted from my mom, have found the perfect home in my kitchen. I’ve also started collecting recipes on cards to go in an old promotional Bisquick recipe box. I found some antique pieces that serve the dual purpose of pretty and utility. My mom gave me a celery vase and I’m using it to hold my most used spoons and spatulas. I picked up the flour and sugar canisters for three dollars at the local Salvation Army and I’m in love with the vintage stamped lettering on the side.





IMG_6543That’s a little sneak peek into my tiny kitchen. While it can be stressful having a small kitchen when you’re trying to cook (I’m constantly balancing things on top of each other!), it’s just enough space for my first place. Someday I will have the kitchen of my dreams with large marble counter tops and subway tiles and white cabinets and an apron front sink with a window that looks out over my front yard. Though honestly your cooking skills are not dependent on the space you have but more on your creativity in the kitchen.



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