I’m Wearing: Patchwork Picnic Wear




IMG_0262dress: taylor vintage (old), wedges: matisse via dsw (old), necklace: f21

This is the first outfit post I’ve shot completely on my own so please forgive the annoyed look I have in the last photo. Since I finally got my DSLR I decided to amp up my blogger-ness and try taking my own photos. It’s a great idea because I have a hard time wrangling Nick into taking my outfit pictures when he just wants to relax after work and/or classes and I have missed a few “fashion fridays.” But the thing is, I am cheap and I am currently saving for another lens so I don’t have a tripod or a remote. The fabulousness you see above is my camera set on a stack of dvds (three seasons of Parks and Rec along with one season of Pushing Daisies) and set on continual self-timer. Despite my disparaging remarks thus far, I’m actually pretty pleased and there is definitely more camera experimentation in my future. As is some bug spray since I have some pretty large bites on my legs and arms.

This dress is my classic summer I-don’t-care-what-I-wear dress. NJ is currently experiencing a seriously humid heat wave and yesterday I had to force myself out the door to go get some crafting supplies. This dress fit the bill for easy and cool without looking like a sloppy and lazy summer breaker. The patchwork is adorable and reminds me of summer picnic blankets. The only thing I don’t like about the dress is that the top is cut really narrowly and shows that weird side of your chest area (that seems impossible to tone up. Other than that, my patchwork perfect dress is just too easy to not show some summer love.



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