Patio Perfection

With the warm weather finally rolling in this week, I’ve been able to truly enjoy my favorite place in our little apartment: our patio. When Nick and I were looking for our first place together, we had very little expectations for an outdoor space. We started off looking at one bedroom units in old homes and the best you could hope for there was a weedy backyard area where neighborhood cats stalk bugs and mice. As we were choosing the place we were going to spend the next year or so and start building a home together, we were much more focused on having enough room so that we wouldn’t kill each other. I originally thought the door to our patio was for a storage closet and walking outside to the small, enclosed concrete slab in late October, I barely paid it any attention at all. But now as the days get longer and the warm breeze begs for open windows and crickets are chirping, I am more than happy to have this little slice of outdoor paradise attached to our first place.







IMG_0256I love to head outside after work to water my plants and sit and listen to a little bit of traffic. I saw the chairs and table at IKEA and just knew they were the perfect pop of color for our sweet little space. The lantern and hanging pots for the plants were bonuses. I am definitely not a gardener and never tried my hand at growing plants but I knew a few plants would be just perfect. Having them hang off the simple divider between our patio and our neighbors keeps the tiny area from feeling crowded. It also means I only have leafy green shade plants but that’s just fine by me. My other favorite part about the patio is the cafe lights which will light it up as bright as day at night. They also make me feel like I’m at a jazzy Parisian cafe without moving a muscle.

Last but not least is the little unfinished area in the back. My dad rescued those two plain stools from the dumpster at his house and I stuck them out here. I decided that the perfect thing to do with them is to transform them into a bench by buying a slab of wood to lay across the two. Nick and I still have to head over to the lumber yard for that but in the mean time I’ve stuck them in their designated spots and bought an old crate to hold my gardening supplies to sit underneath it. I’m just so happy summer days are here and I can finally enjoy every square inch of my slice of outdoor heaven.


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