You Say It’s Your Birthday…

I think I’m still recovering from celebrating the big 2-6 this past weekend. Boy was it a good one. I got to hang with all my favorite people, ate (and drank) lots of delicious things, managed to squeeze in some beach time and loved all the sun time. I’m the weird kind of person who doesn’t really anticipate their birthday; I’m much more of a holiday person when everybody’s celebrating something. But thankfully I am blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends who make my birthday one of the best days out of the year.

I was triply spoiled this year by Nick, who took me for a surprise dinner in Philadelphia at a restaurant on Friday before driving me all around on Saturday and taking me for lunch on Sunday. He knows just the way to plan a birthday celebration! Friday night, in torrential downpours, we ventured into Philly for dinner at Talula’s Garden. It was a dream meal: all locally sourced ingredients, fresh and organic, and so very flavorful. I was too busy enjoying my meal to take that many pictures but I scarfed down herb-roasted chicken and lemon-ricotta sugar donuts. My stomach’s growling just thinking of it! I even enjoyed delicious loose leaf brewed Earl Grey. It was such a decadent evening with what I can safely say is the best meal I’ve had all year.

Saturday was party day when I met up with my best girl friends for some lounging in the sand and dancing all night on the Jersey Shore. It was a little overcast but we had a nice time catching up on the sand before changing and heading into Asbury Park. We ate way too much pizza at Porta before skipping over to the boardwalk for some drinks. It all smelled of the ocean and the fog was rolling in. Seriously, it felt magical, a perfect Shore night. The night ended at Johnny Mac’s, one of the funkiest dive bars that has Skeeball in the basement. Score! It was so much fun and I’m glad my girls could spend a night with me.

On the official day of my birthday, Nick and I lounged around before heading into Philly once more to enjoy the sunshine. We camped out at Morgan’s Pier, right in the shade of the Ben Franklin Bridge. We stretched out on benches and watched the boats coast on the Delaware. I had more great food including a scrumptiously fresh lobster salad and the most decadent homemade ice cream sandwich. I need to get the recipe!













IMG_0205IMG_0208All in all, it was a fabulous birthday and I’m very excited for the year to come. Last year had its ups and downs but I have a good feeling about my 26th year. Here’s to another year!



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