Happies and Crappies #2


The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 

I decided today to join in again with Stephanie and Sarah’s Happies and Crappies link-up. It’s kind of fun doing a link-up, like joining a party. Also I have a little time tonight to do what I want and relax before a weekend of running around and celebrating and I choose blogging!


* State testing is over! I feel like I can finally have some fun with my class because we’ve only done test prep since I’ve been with them. I came up with some exciting things to do so I hope I can re-energize them for the last 22 days (!!!) of the school year.

* Warm weather means after school shorts time! I love pulling out my shorts because it makes summer feel even closer.

* Watching the last episode of The Office last night. I guess this could be a “crappie” since it’s over but it was a really nice finale with a lot of laughter and tears, which sums up the whole series really.


* Worrying about my job for next year. I think this one could go on any future Happies and Crappies list I make because it’s pretty much a constant. I am a maternity leave replacement and, while the principal has been positive, I will not be at ease until I have a tenure track position. I haven’t gotten any interviews with other districts lately but I know that the end of the year is a hectic time with state tests and retirements not yet finalized. I’m just trying to stay strong and believe that the right thing will happen.

* I’ve been feeling a little sick lately, just headaches and feeling really tired. I know I need to change something up in my diet but life’s been so hectic that I haven’t been able to make that a priority. Something has to change though if I’m going to feel good again.

* In addition to feeling under the weather, I’ve been a little down about my body. I think the advent of bikini season is making me really conscious of body image and I’m not happy with what I see. I’ve got to get my confidence back before Memorial Day weekend beach time!


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