Watercolor Weekend

About a month ago I got it in my head that I wanted to start watercolor painting. I set out with a coupon to Michael’s, purchased a big palette of watercolors, a set of brushes, dug out my old sketchbook, and got ready for a new hobby. As with most things these days, it was pushed to the side in the wake of teaching. Teaching is no joke if you want to be any good at it (though I supposed this is the way if you want to be successful at any job). When I finally have had some free time, I’ve been kind of lost about what I actually want to paint with my watercolors. I took them outside a time or too and painted grass and trees but I wanted to do more, without much of an idea of what more was. Do you ever get that feeling that there’s this really creative idea but you just can’t figure it out? Or is it just me?

Thank you Pinterest for coming to the rescue. I was just scrolling through images when I came across some quotes done in watercolor and loved the idea. I collected my favorite quotes from movies, songs, and tv shows in a red notebook and favorite inspirational quotes in a green leather notebook some co-workers gave me before I went off to college. I love taking the notebooks out and flipping through them. There’s something awesome about what people can write and say.

IMG_0065What I decided to do was pick out a favorite quote then write and illustrate it with my watercolors. This past Saturday, a day scheduled with nothing beyond couch surfing and back patio cleaning, was the perfect time to drag the watercolors out once more. I set up my favorite studio, our patio table, and picked one of my favorite quotes from the movie Sabrina. It was just a test piece, a relaxing way to spend some time outside, but I love the results.


IMG_0071I still need a lot of practice in watercolor painting but I’m happy that I found a fun idea to practice with. I’m also loving this quote because that is exactly what Paris is about and watching Sabrina (the old and perfect Audrey Hepburn classic) always reminds me of that. Since I don’t have the time or money to jet off across the Atlantic, I might as well dream and paint about it. It was just such a nice hour or so outdoors being creative. New hobbies are the best.




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