Trying my hand at Happies and Crappies…

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 

It’s Friday and I usually post some sort of outfit post on my blog today. Unfortunately this week has been a big transition for me as I go back to full time teaching and my schedule isn’t as flexible. Add that to my laziness when it comes to getting dressed and taking the pictures and you’ve got an empty space on my little blog here. As I racked my brain for something to fill the void, I decided to try my hand at Sarah from Scissors and a Whisk and Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife’s weekly Happies and Crappies weekly round-up. Since I’ve been skimping on my #thingsilovetoday challenge plus all the changes this week’s brought, I thought this would be the perfect week to give it a try.


– Having to get up and get ready early again. When I was just a sub, I would roll out of bed, watch the news, sip my tea and roll into school right before the students showed up. Now I actually have to get stuff done before the kids roll in and I’m rushing out the door now so I can beat the crowds at the copy machine.

– It’s officially allergy and sinus season here in NJ. I adore the warm weather and the new blooms but I’ve been suffering through continuous sinus headaches this week. Flowers: lovely to look at but terrible for my health.

– Worrying about my new class. I inherited a third grade class with just three weeks to go until state testing. While I know the outcome of the test really won’t be based solely on my teaching, I still want these kids to do well. I would hate the transition between teachers to negatively affect their scores so I’m trying my best to keep up the momentum of the last teacher. So this means I’m putting a lot of stress on myself and that has to stop!

IMG_0877Beautiful blooms in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, captured on our trip last Saturday


– I started full time teaching again this week! I’ve missed being with a class every day, getting to know the kids and seeing the progress they make week to week. It’s a lot more work but I absolutely love being back in a classroom. Plus I’ve had some good talks with the principal which is always good.

– Eating all the different sweets from our day trip to Brooklyn. I have such a major sweet tooth and I’ve indulged that this week as we ate our way through all the different things we bought on our Brooklyn adventures. There are still a few slices of key lime pie in the fridge right now, mmm. Though this week has been delicious, it’s not such a great idea before bikini season.

– Spending time on our back patio. Nick and I have been in the process of fixing up our patio, getting furniture, plants, etc. Two weekends ago we did a deep clean and put out our pretty patio furniture. Since then I’ve been trying to spend a little time outdoors when the weather cooperates and I’m so happy that we found an apartment with this outdoor area. I especially love practicing painting with my watercolors and watching the sun set.

IMG_0826Our new patio makes for a great journalling space

Well, there are my first ever Happies and Crappies. I like it though my gratitude loving heart wants to change it into happies and happies but it’s not my link-up! Also I think if I do this again I’ll make sure to take some pictures. Now go ahead and think about your own happies and crappies (or just happies)!


5 thoughts on “Trying my hand at Happies and Crappies…

  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE Williamsburg! I have a friend who lives there and it would definitely be my choice if living in the city!
    Loving your patio furniture! Thats on our todo list this weekend!

  2. Stopping by from the link up. I’m an NJ blogger too 🙂 I hear ya about allergy season it’s terrible!!!! I’ve been feeling so yucky! So happy to have found another NJ blogger. Have a great weekend

  3. I have a major sweet tooth, too. Nothin’ wrong with that unless you don’t know how to balance it. 🙂 I just have one dessert a day, and then maybe a sweet snack in the afternoon. I think that is acceptable.
    I’m a teacher, too, though I’ve never been a sub. I feel like it wouldn’t be any fun since you don’t have the opportunity to make connections with the kids! That’s half the fun of teaching. The other half is coming up with creative ways to present something that is otherwise a drag (like Algebra 2, on my end).

    • I can’t imagine making Algebra 2 fun as the most complicated math I’ve been doing so far is multiply two two-digit numbers. But if you can make it fun, you’d be my kind of math teacher 🙂

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