My First Photo an Hour!

I’m jumping on an old blogging bandwagon today and writing a photo an hour post. I’m doing it mostly because I always wanted to see if I could remember to take a picture every hour. I was surprisingly successful but it wasn’t as fun as I thought. Imagine me, looking at the clock and panicking because there’s only a few minutes left in the current hour and I’m not doing anything exciting. So here’s last Friday, hour by hour. Let me know what you think!

IMG_07588:00 – Getting to work with my tea and blogging schedule on my last week day off for awhile

IMG_07599:00 – It was a rainy day but you can still see a pretty, yellow glimmer of Spring

IMG_076210:00 – My outfit for the day! The cold and dreary weather inspired me to go for dark blues and grays but I couldn’t resist adding a splash of polka dots

IMG_076311:00 – Fabric shopping at Walmart…so many options!

IMG_076512:00 I went grocery shopping and bought some interesting ingredients that I’d never used before for that night’s dinner

IMG_07691:00 – Eating lunch and enjoying my favorite weekday show, The Chew!

IMG_07702:00 – Reading some of my other favorite kind of blogs, teacher blogs!

IMG_07713:00 – Enjoying some guilty pleasures…

IMG_07724:00 – I cooked dinner early because we had plans to go out to see Jurassic Park in 3D that night. I love my well-stocked spice and baking cabinet, especially my sweet pineapple salt and pepper shakers!

IMG_07735:00 – The fruits of my labor: Korean-style steak with broccoli from Michael Symon of the Chew. I cannot wait to make and devour this again!

IMG_07746:00 Polka dots are movie theater appropriate of course!

IMG_07777:00 – Time for some dinosaurs up close and personal

IMG_07799:00 – It was awesome!!! Just ignore our goofy 3D glasses

IMG_078010:00 – An after movie drink so we could sit and discuss how amazing it was to see Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D. In case you haven’t seen it, you must go!












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