Try Something New: March’s Photo-A-Day Challenge

instagramchallengecollageSome of the prompts included: lucky, sound, tasty, relax, loops, what you do for fun, keys, in the mirror

Okay, I totally missed trying something new for February but I’m going to forget about that because I really loved the new thing I tried in March. I’d always seen these “Photo-a-Day” and “Photo-an-Hour” challenges on blogs and thought, maybe I could do that but never gave it a try. Well what better way than to challenge myself and adhere to my new year’s resolution of “try something new every month” by getting on the whole photo challenge bandwagon.

Not really sure where to start but knowing I needed some structure to be successful, I started where I start most projects nowadays: Pinterest. I simply searched “March photo challenge” and was directed to a whole page of pins showing every sort of challenge. I shied away from the obvious lists of prompts that skewed towards March’s major holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. As I sifted through the pins I was getting kind of frustrated for choosing March as my month for the challenge because of this annoying mid-month holiday. But finally someone had pinned Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge. I had never heard of this blogger but I liked her graphic and I liked the list of prompts as they were interesting without being overly difficult. They also touched on St. Patrick’s Day every once in awhile without being obvious. So I took the graphic, posted on my blog to be held accountable, and waited for March 1st to snap my first pic.

I’m really proud of myself for not forgetting to take and post a photo every day with the hashtag “fmsphotoaday”. It was infinitely easier because of my iPhone and instagram and I loved how it gave me the chance to play around with the camera on my phone. I want to be more serious with my camera abilities, as I was really involved in photography classes in high school and want to get back into taking quality photos. Some of the prompts were easier than others and created better photo opportunities. It was really fun to check the prompt each day too. I even got Nick in on the fun helping me think of interesting photos to take.

If you follow me on instagram, you can check out all the photos I took for my photo-a-day challenge along with my others. I decided not to do another one in April just because, as fun as it was, it’s a lot to remember and think about every day. It feels like my photo taking has been kickstarted with this project and I can’t wait to keep the momentum going with more snaps in the spring and into the summer.


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