Come On Let’s Get Away, Spring Break Style

I am still relishing in the glory that is Spring break, this much-needed week-long vacation time. The only thing that could have made this week better would be if I was taking a little journey away. What I wouldn’t do to pack up a suitcase with some warm weather clothes (seriously need to escape this lame excuse for Spring) and hop on a plane to somewhere. Unfortunately, with a little less than I’d like in my bank account and only a short week, Spring travel is not going to be on the calendar this year. That being said, no money and no time doesn’t prevent me from dreaming of all the places I would go if I could go. And I’m a weird girl for whom half the pleasure of getting away is planning all the things I’ll get to see and do. As I pined over the places I wished I could go and explored all the cool things I won’t get to do for a little while more, I decided I might as well share the three places I would travel to right here on the blog.

For a vacation to feel like a kid again: Disney World, Orlando, Florida

What I would do if I went: I haven’t been to Disney World on a proper vacation since I was a little girl (I try to forget my one disastrous three hour trip with an ex). It’s my dream to go back and act like a kid again with Nick. If I was to stroll through the gates of Disney World, I would have to relive all the amazing rides from my childhood like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland rides. I was kind of excited to hear about the new Fantasyland just so that I can pretend I’m a princess at 25 years old.

Even though it would make Nick cringe, I totally want a pair of Mickey ears with my name on them. I love customized souvenirs! I’m a huge fan of themed restaurants so I’m pretty sure every meal at Disney would be awesome. I’d love to hang out at Jellyrolls and listen to their dueling pianos. And of course it would be like travelling around the world with only one ticket if I visited Epcot, right? The other thing that would be awesome about reliving my childhood down at Disney World would be the chance to sneak away one day and visit Harry Potter World. Now I know Nick would not be able to deny some Harry Potter World and, while there are some pretty sweet looking rides, it mostly focuses on shopping (of the magical sort) which works out well for me. I do want the chance to head down to Orlando and be a kid again because there aren’t too many years more before I have kids of my own.

For a hipster vacation with an all-American feel: Austin, Texas

What I would do if I went: I’ve been dying to go to Austin for a few years now. I know SXSW just happened but I’d rather not be there when there are a ton of people in town, no matter how cool it is. I want to go and experience all that Austin has to offer and from what I’ve read and found, it’s a Southern town with a hipster vibe which is just perfect for me. Since it is in the South, I am going to get in as much bbq goodness as I can (flashbacks of the epic bbq in Tennessee in progress). I would love to try some local joints and especially Franklin BBQ. So forgive me, true Austin residents and readers, if you know better places to eat but I’m going to hit up touristy attractions as much as possible. I’d love to share a ginormous donut with Nick at Round Rock Donuts, no matter how long the wait. I also want to delve in the Tex Mex world too. And I had no idea that Austin has something as cool as a food truck yard. Sign me up!

Besides eating myself silly, I would love to explore the thriving bar scene of Austin. While I was scanning through, I came across this great brewery tour. Can Austin brew as good as Philly? I want to find out! Now I can’t forget about the fact that Austin boasts of its status as the Live Music Capital of the World. In Nashville, I loved that we walked down Broadway and popped in and out of places featuring live music from 10am to 2am. While in Austin, I would want to check out Stubb’s BBQ because honestly, there is no better combination than bbq and live music. I also think Guero’s Taco Bar and their outdoor music garden sound like a place I’d have to hang for a couple of hours while probably devouring a ton of tacos. Then, exhausted from eating like an elephant, drinking like a fish, and jamming all day, I’d want to stay in Austin Motel. Themed rooms? Sounds like my kind of place. Oh, Austin, a few more dollars in my pocket and here I come!

For the most perfect tropical vacation: Turks and Caicos Islands

What I would do if I went: umm, that should be obvious: I would lay on the white sand beaches, swim in the crystal clear blue ocean, and watch the most beautiful fiery sunsets I have ever seen (and so far have only seen in stunning photos). I am swooning of the gorgeous photos from visitors and residents of the Caribbean paradise and it sits atop my “Must Visit” list. It has 350 days of sunshine and was voted number 2 beach in the world by TripAdvisor. That’s endorsement enough but there are bars that overlook the beach, fish frys, and tropical drinks galore. Not the mention that there is some great snorkeling and it’s a short flight from the east coast of the U.S. I just can’t get over how calm and relaxing and beautiful Turks and Caicos looks that I feel like there’s no more explanation needed. Take me there!


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