I’m Wearing: A Touch of Orange and a Hint of Sparkle



IMG_6527sweater and shoes: F21 (old), jeans: Levi’s, necklace: thrifted

The weather around here has been terribly dreary which has not been good for outfit planning or outfit photos. My photos have been fairly dark so I decided I need a little color to brighten them up and what better color than orange? The little kids are always asking me what my favorite color is and while I usually say yellow (not a popular choice for five year old so they get weirdly excited about it), I think orange might be my actual one. Remember my orange jeans? And I’m not going to lie, I based most of my outfit off of these sparkly shoes. I saw them sitting on top of a display, they were $20, and I knew they had to be a part of my wardrobe. They might not be everyday practical but they’re definitely fun. I couldn’t resist pulling out my orange costume jewelry necklace too.

After taking these outfit photos I was thinking that I should probably have put together some sort of green outfit in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, my closet is seriously lacking in green…what kind of teacher am I?! I scrounged together an outfit with a green sweater for our classroom celebration and shellacked on some mint green nail polish. That counts right? In my personal life though, I don’t have much need for green outfits and I don’t need it this weekend since I plan on staying in and catching up on my sleep. Boy, daylight savings time threw me for a loop! I’m really looking forward to taking it easy this weekend, cleaning the apartment, and maybe doing a little pampering for my dry winter skin. Follow me on instagram (@bykendall) though, because you never know what kind of adventures I might find!


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