A Book That Inspires

…you to keep on keepin’ on.

Ten Years Later

Hoda Kotb is the kind of amazingly smart, funny, and kind woman that I hope to grow up to be (yes, at 25, I am still thinking about “growing up”). Along with Katie Couric, Robin Roberts, and my ultimate role model Diane Sawyer, I have a serious love for strong female journalists. Of course Hoda is a partner to Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today show’s fourth hour but I love that about her: a serious and professional lady who’s not afraid to have a little fun, even at her own expense. But enough of my love of Hoda herself, let’s get down to her new amazing book, Ten Years Later.

I snatched up Ten Years Later on my Nook though I had my reservations. I wasn’t sure I wanted to dive into another you-can-do-anything non-fiction novel but, who am I kidding, they always make me happy. Ten Years Later was no exception. This book was a brilliant and, yes, inspiring compilation of profiles.

Hoda writes the story of six people who all have their own incredible stories. It chronicles their lives from a point that was significant for some reason, whether tragedy, illness, violence, anonymity, to ten years later when things have changed, usually for the better, in the most unexpected ways. From the twenty-two year old highly motivated new grad diagnosed with throat cancer who becomes a mother to three children on the board of an internationally recognized cancer organization to the struggling mother of twins living in the back woods of Maine who becomes the CEO and founder of the extremely successful Burt’s Bees beauty line, the stories are everything from sad to thought provoking to joy-filled. You can’t help but read through each in a flash wondering, where will I be in ten years?

What was most inspiring to me about Hoda’s Ten Years Later was accepting the fact that no one knows what will happen in ten years, one year, a month, tomorrow and you have to take it one day at a time. Each person Hoda interviewed had a significant change happen in their lives that brought about massive change to their daily lives. Their stories showed me that you never know what may happen. One thing can change the course of your life and the only thing that you can do is “keep on keepin’ on”. Keep doing what you know is right, despite doubt, despite serious setbacks, despite tragedy. The only thing you can change is you, your attitude, and the choices you make. If you just keep going, who knows where you’ll be in ten years but that place has the potential to be amazing.


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