I’m Wearing: Artist Blues



IMG_6521IMG_6517shirt: F21, jeans: Levi’s via Kohl’s, booties: American Eagle, necklace: vintage, bracelet: Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

I always wonder what it would be like to be an artist in a little East Village loft sketching New York City scenes all day and having incredibly comfortable but still extremely chic studio clothes because that’s just your sense of style. I feel like I got a little closer to making that a reality with this outfit. Of course, I am nowhere near as chic or talented as most struggling artists but this chambray tunic button down helped me feel a little bit of the artist mystique. I also felt incredibly comfortable all day long which means this will most likely be a go-to outfit until warmer weather comes and I can trade my jeans for a pair of shorts and be on my merry way.

My other favorite thing about this outfit besides the comfort factor is incorporating two beautiful beauty pieces. The necklace has been in a couple past outfit posts and continues to delight every preK-2 kids I come in contact with because “it has shapes!” I love teachable wear. The bracelet is a new addition and you can bet I will be wearing it in future outfit posts. It was a Christmas gift from my dad and he picked it up at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s homestead in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s my dream to one day visit it myself but for right now I’ll settle on wearing this unique bracelet that is a wearable replica of an art deco magazine cover that Wright created but was never published. To me, it’s an amazing privilege to be able to wear a little piece of design from my favorite architect. My dad is so awesome for knowing just what to get me.

In other news, I have today off and I’m resting in preparation for this weekend. One of my besties is turning 26 and we’ve planned an all day party to celebrate the occasion. All signs point to one crazy Saturday so I’m going to take it easy today. And by “take it easy” I mean painting my bedside table, priming my desk chair to get it ready for painting (finally in the last stages of this old project), and getting a curtain rod to hang my bedroom curtains before heading into Philly for dinner with my mom. Whew, doesn’t sound like much of a day off but I’m happy to get more home projects wrapped up. Alright, I’m off to get things done and psyche myself up for some epic celebrating this weekend.


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