Picture It in March

March 2013 Photo A Day Challenge listOkay, I’ve succumbed to it, the photo-a-day challenge. I hear it all the time, “building your brand”, “finding your niche”, “BE UNIQUE!”. But I’m blogging for myself and instagramming for myself and living for myself so I’m going to challenge myself by doing a photo-a-day challenge. I may not be the most unique blogger out there but I’m doing what I like, even if I like what everybody else’s got going on.

I found this photo challenge through what else but Pinterest. Is there nothing that Pinterest hasn’t touched? I picked it because a lot of the March ones were themed, i.e. find something green, shamrock, lion, lamb, UGH. This challenge seems to have a good balance of topics and seems doable for me and my crazy where-am-I-going-to-be and what-am-I-doing-today schedule.

I’m hoping that I can stick to this challenge for the whole month and that it will strengthen my photo skills a tiny bit more. I love challenges but sometimes get easily bored by them so this will be a test of my endurance and dedication.

If you want to follow along and see what I’m doing and maybe do it too, follow me on Instagram: @bykendall!


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