Six Word Memoirs, a.k.a I Miss Creative Writing

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Life has not been the least bit interesting around here. I feel like there really is nothing to write about. Of course there have been and will be some exciting plans on the weekends and some fun weekday nights. But there is nothing new to report and thus I encountered a massive wall known as writer’s block.

As I started contemplating what the heck I could post up on this old blog, I thought about how I love to write. Then I thought, well, if I love to write, why is it so hard right now? I was starting at a blank WordPress page thinking what am I going to say when I decided to go all reverse teacher on myself and use the same words I say to my kids.

I always tell them to find something, anything, to write. Think about things you know, favorite memories, fantastic ideas you’ve had when you’re daydreaming in class. At the very least, find one simple word in a paragraph long writing prompt that you can connect to and make you feel like you. So seriously, there had to be something I could write.

Here it is: I’ve been thinking, dreaming really, about writing about all sorts of crazy and interesting things, fiction or non-fiction, that I like. Through elementary, middle, and high school, you got these writing prompts that would help you write fictional stories and essays. Some were cool and engaging, others not so much. One such prompt I used recently with a class was to dream up your own restaurant. Can you imagine having thirty minutes just to think about your own restaurant? Or a middle school class I visited had six word memoirs posted up. It got me to wondering if I could be just as creative as these twelve year olds.

Each and every prompt made you think something; they got the wheels turning. Sure, a lot of times you sat there thinking, Oh not another writing assignment. It stunk when you’re not really into writing or you’re tired or it’s right before lunch and you’re really, really, hungry. But now, when work just seems to drag on and on, I would die for even ten minutes of time reserved for free writing. I feel like years of research papers and cover letter writing has slowly diluted my creative juices. Along with that, I don’t make the time to write creatively.

You need time and dedicated resources to keep your creativity flowing. I know that I need to carve out short but uninterrupted periods of time to write just for me. If I’m going to write what people want to read, I’m going to have to write things that I want to read. That’s why I going to start creating time and finding things to get back to my creative writing roots. Starting in March, I’ll give myself time for daydreaming and writing those day dreams down. I want to feel those creative juices flowing full force through my veins and out my fingertips. I’ll stop wondering how journaling and writing got so far away from my daily life and slowly reel them back in to be a daily occurrence.

Alright, end of my writing rant and time to start writing!


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