I’m Wearing: Snow Chic



IMG_6482Sweater: Anthropologie (old), Jeans: Levi’s, Tank: JCrew, Booties: Gap

I was really excited to figure out a catchy title for this post until I realized that I scrapped all the photos of me out in the snow since the glare was making me squint and look ridiculous. Rest assured, there was snow and I wore this outfit out in what was left of it this past Sunday to do our weekly grocery shopping. We only got a few inches, nothing like the beating New England took, but it was enough to cover the grass and our cars. It was also enough to whip up a winter chic outfit.

Now I’ve worn this sweater once before on the blog and I’m ashamed to admit it was probably the last time I wore it. It’s so cute and different but the cropped length has some sort of mental block for me when it comes to styling it. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them. Despite having some difficulties with this sweater, it worked perfectly with the bluest of blue jeans and my favorite shoes (two outfit posts in a row!). Maybe I should have saved my “Snow Chic” title for another post with more of the white stuff but I think this outfit captures snowy chicness perfectly…if there is such a thing…



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