I’m Wearing: Red, White, and Navy Blue




IMG_6352Shirt: Gap, Skirt: F21 (old), Booties: Gap, Tights: Target, Earrings: vintage

Here you have what amounts to pretty much my favorite outfit of all time. It has all the essential elements: stripes, a full skirt, and cozy booties. Put this outfit together to go see Silver Linings Playbook (which is awesome and you should go see it) and maybe I was a little dressed up but it was totally comfortable. These booties are so amazingly comfortable: hello, fleece! The wedge makes them easy to walk in and I also get compliments whenever I wear them. Considering I debated over purchasing them, I’m glad now that I decided on them and then searched three different Gaps until I found them! To round it all off, I finally found a subtle way to include the vintage Mickey and Minnie earrings my mom gave me. She bought them at Disney World in the 70s and how great are they? I’m going to have to work harder to match them up with more outfits. And before I end this outfit love fest, can we just appreciate how awesome tights are? They make one summer skirt into a million all-year-round outfits. Thank goodness for tights!

I’m wondering if I can bust out the stripes and red skirt for this weekend again though I’ll most likely just be slouching around in jeans. There’s a big snowstorm that’s going to hit New England and we’re going to get the tail end of it here. Even though it might only amount to an inch or a dusting, there’s no harm in pretending it’s a full-on snowed-in weekend. There will be some adventuring out for a family get-together but other than that, I’m going to be cozied up inside, reading and doing whatever I want. So ready for this perfect indoor, do-nothing weekend.



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