Countrying it Up with Miranda Lambert









IMG_0347On Saturday Nick and I went down to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall to see Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley in concert. Oh, I love going to concerts! It’s amazing to hear live music, especially songs that you love. Miranda Lambert’s “Me and Charlie Talkin” was the first country song I really loved and pulled me into country music love. It’s not easy to get addicted to country music growing up in New Jersey unless someone like your parents or a friend opens your eyes. My big break was having CMT and being bored during a school break in high school. Since then, I’ve transitioned from a closeted country fan to a full-fledged follower. Finally having the chance to see Miranda in concert was a big deal and an amazing night.

Atlantic City is about an hour and a half from our apartment and, since moving, the best way is to travel down a country highway. Yup, there’s some pretty backroads highways in New Jersey. Some day I’ll take pictures so you can believe me. But back to our adventure, we decided to park at Bally’s casino which is pretty close to the concert venue and then walk to the newest casino, Revel. The fact that it was a whole lot warmer than the few days before tricked us into making the decision to walk down the boardwalk. I’ll be honest that it  wasn’t terrible but it would have been a lot warmer if Bally’s had more delicious restaurants to eat at. The pedicab guys were trying their hardest for us to cave and be pushed around by them but we proudly walked the whole way (and back after the sun had gone down). Revel was really nice, as far as casinos go (not a big gambler if you can tell) and we ate at Village Whiskey. I was really excited for dinner because we’d been trying to go to the other Village Whiskey in Philly but the super small location and popularity has made it nearly impossible until visiting this one in AC.

The concert itself was fantastic and reminded me why it’s so important to create great experiences. We weren’t very close but it was almost better that way since I’m not always into the whole concert experience of pushing and drunk people. I was all about seeing Miranda but Dierks Bentley was a great surprise; I forgot how many of his songs I actually know! It was a high-tech show without being too much (Rascal Flatts I’m looking at you…). Miranda Lambert sang all of the songs that I love and sounded fantastic. I had so much fun even if it was a long drive back. I foresee another Miranda Lambert concert in my future!



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