Try Something New: Opening an Etsy Shop


If you were reading early in the month, you saw that one of my goals for the year was to try something new each month. Well, I decided to start big: I am opening an Etsy shop! What self-respecting blogger doesn’t have an Etsy shop? Now I’ve joined the ranks of the many part-time bloggers, part-time hustlers roaming around the internet.

My new Etsy shop, buttoned down knits, is a showcase of my hand knit goods. It all started as I was despairing over having completed all my Christmas gifts. Knitting is a great hobby until knit goods start to build up in your house. You can only wear so many scarfs or force small knit items onto unsuspecting family members. I’ve always been secretly jealous of Etsy shopkeepers with their beautiful handmade wares. After knitting some beautiful gifts this holiday season, I decided that I could have my own shop too.

Everything you see in there is my own design and knit in my free time. Each design was agonized over: “Will someone actually buy this?” “Does this look perfect enough to be loved by someone other than me?” I won’t lie and say that yes, my shop will be sold out as soon as I post this but I am proud of each and every product you’ll find. My first design idea and listing for my shop is knit sunglass cases. I love that they are naturally cushion-y pouches for my favorite pair of sunnies. They’re uniquely functional and could be used to store anything you like, maybe a cell phone, iPod, or your pens and pencils for drawing. I have them listed as glasses cases simply because that’s what I thought of them as first. Coming soon, I’ll have cowls, arm warmers, and some of my other favorite designs.

I’m so excited to put my knits out there for everyone to see and perhaps purchase. Thanks for reading all of this and double thanks if you pop over to check out my internet storefront. If there’s anything you don’t see and are wondering if I can make, I love to be challenged so give me a shout!


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