I’m Wearing: Work Wear Working For Me



IMG_6231Top: American Eagle, Skirt: from Mom, Cardigan: F21, Tights: Target, Boots: DSW (old)

I love being a teacher. What I don’t love about being a teacher is schools’ early start times and having to pick out an outfit each and every morning. I’m jealous of Nick; he gets to wear jeans every day because it makes his clients feel more comfortable (which is pretty much his only perk so I can’t hold it against him). It’s not like I’m going into a corporate office and have to put on a skirt suit or something every morning (yuck). But I do need to be pretty appropriate while being functional. This is one of my favorite work outfits combining my love of bright colors and stripes and it makes me look like the stereotypical elementary teacher minus the holiday-themed sweater. My mom handed me this skirt out of her closet because it had a loose button and was missing one of the button closures for the pocket. I fixed the button and don’t button down the pockets and voila! I have a pretty versatile navy blue skirt. Now if I just had a full time teaching position to wear it to…

I’m trying to remedy my temporary joblessness by starting some fun projects, which I’m going to tell you more about later. I’m not trying to be vague or sneaky, just want to make a whole blog post about my new project so you’re going to have to wait. Also can we note the word “temporary”? Yes, I am trying to be super positive about this whole experience and not devalue myself. I am only out of a job right now, in this moment, so that doesn’t mean I’m worthless, a bad teacher, unemployable, a failure, etc. All things I have definitely thought in the past few weeks as I try to come to terms with being out of work. But nobody wants to listen to a sad Sally much less hire her so I’m getting as positive as possible. If the sun would like to shine on the East Coast any day some time soon, that would be a much appreciated boost to my positive outlook. And with that sentiment, I’m off to start another happy weekend!



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