Decorating Our Space with the Tiny Details

In November, Nick and I moved into our first place together. It was a big step in our relationship and, almost three months in, I’m so happy every day that I get to come home to him and our little place. Just last night I took a look around and said, “I love our home.” Of course it’s just a box apartment in a complex, not really our forever home, but it’s plainness makes it just perfect for making it our own.

Though I’m in love, there are still plenty of changes I want to make. We’re still working on picking out artwork and doing some DIY projects. As it’s after the holidays, we’re on a pretty tight budget so we’re doing little projects here and there. We have a wonderful family who gifted us lots of kitchen accessories so at least we’re eating good. I can’t wait to break in the brand new crock pot this Saturday. There’s something so satisfying about getting domestic.

I’ve been promising to share some pictures of our decorated space but haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of everything and the rooms aren’t even close to being finished. So I thought it’d be a good compromised to share some of my favorite tiny details of our place. A good compromise, I hope!

IMG_6284Aren’t these snack bowls awesome?! My mom picked them up for me at a flea market and gave them to me as a Christmas present many years ago. I haven’t used them for any parties yet but I definitely need to have a retro party and use them as the centerpiece.

IMG_6293This clock is the most recent addition to our little place. We had no clocks in our place except for the little digital one on the microwave and the one on our bedside table. So we went to Pier 1 with a gift card and got a clock. It’s functional and pretty and I like to hear the quiet tick as the time passes.

IMG_6296Our tv stand is the expedit shelf from Ikea laying on its side. It’s a perfect tv stand combined with spots for extra storage. We bought a few baskets to make it look neater and then I threw these letters in front. They’re from a warehouse sale and were used by a church for their front sign. It’s one of my favorite unique and personal touches in our home.

IMG_6299And one of my favorite parts of our place: my yarn basket! As you can see, I took advantage of a yarn sale at Michael’s this weekend. Usually the basket looks pretty organized with lots of big yarn balls but I kind of threw everything in there for this shot. I stash it next to the couch, under a side table, and slide it out whenever I have a spare moment to devote to knitting. The basket is actually a vintage egg basket and I searched high and low for it until I found it in an antique shop in Lancaster, PA. I love finding those just right things!






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