Monday Links to Love


* It’s a new year, it’s time to stop being afraid and try something new

* Make life better right away

* Three lessons on love from Les Mis is pretty awesome, even if you’re like me and haven’t see it yet

* I wish I was going somewhere soon so I could try one of these ways to document my vacation

* It doesn’t need to be New Year’s Eve to sport this glitter tip manicure

* Want to be happier in 2013? These tips from Gretchen Rubin on refinery 29 will put you on the right path

* And more food for thought on a happy life, 28 powerful questions to ask yourself

* It’s a new year, choose a new adventure

* Thanks Megan for 13 new things for 2013 (to round out this link list of new year inspiration!)



One thought on “Monday Links to Love

  1. I really like the list from Gretchen Rubin- simple, doable things 🙂 The Happiness Project has been on my list, I really need to get around to reading that! I really want to see Les Mis too!

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