I’m Wearing: Corporate Tootsies




Since I hated my photos for today’s outfit post and haven’t had time or good light to take replacements, I am giving you a taste of today’s outfit. I love these shoes but I never wear them. I am a tall girl who loves her tall shoes but they’re not always appropriate. And these heels are super high which means I’m leaning on my toes a lot. As an elementary teacher, I’m always on my feet so by the end of the day wearing high heels like these I would be hobbling out to my car. But as a sub, especially in high school, I am sitting a lot and can indulge in my high shoe habit.

Ah, the life of a substitute teacher. This is the first time I’m subbing and it makes me even more determined to find my forever classroom. Part of my burning desire to get off the sub list and into a permanent room would be subbing in high school. Don’t get me wrong; the district is amazing and for the most part, the kids are very polite. But I miss the thrill of teaching and trying new lessons and making progress with my students. I’m also an elementary teacher through and through because I am missing crafting and coloring, songs and morning meetings like crazy. So cross your fingers I find a good school home as soon as possible. Now off to apply, apply, apply!


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