I’m Wearing: Go Geometric

Sweater: Jcrew (old), Jeans: F21, Boots: Minnetonka, Necklace: vintage

This is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago when we were out and about in Philly visiting some of our favorite bars and breweries for the day. It’s a good thing that I took a whole bunch of outfit photos before we moved because I haven’t had time or motivation to get dressed up and put together anything pretty or creative. But I’m going to get back in the groove now that we’re most of the way settled. By the way, can you tell I can’t get enough of my Minnetonkas in the cold weather? So comfortable and versatile, I make them work with anything!

After a good and stuffing Thanksgiving day, Nick and I are going to be taking it easy today. That means a long and relaxing morning, maybe doing some errands, maybe not, maybe getting some of our work done or maybe not. Definitely a good way to handle any holiday hangover I think. It’s especially nice to take this time before the craziness of the Christmas season really kicks in.

Also, even though I’m not a small business owner myself, I wanted to impress upon you the importance of shopping small and local this holiday season. It’s so important to shop small businesses both for your local and our national economy. When you do, you get quality, customer service, and a unique product. Tomorrow is small business Saturday so skip the big box stores today and head out tomorrow to support your local shop owners. It’ll make you and your community’s season merry and bright!




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