Monday Links to Love

Swings at Point Pleasant Boardwalk

Today’s link post is short but sweet considering I have no internet at my new apartment. That’s right, the big move-in went down this weekend and I’ll be forever grateful for Nick’s family and mine for being so generous and so good at building ridiculous amounts of Ikea furniture. Our move was smooth and much easier than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy’s enormous and awful impact on my great state of NJ, cable and internet installation is running behind and I’ll most likely be without for most of this week. Needless to say, that’s the worst thing I’m going through and I’m so lucky to have missed most of the devastation that’s happened around here. With that being said, I’ll be back and posting as soon as I can! Happy Monday!

* Chatty Kathy? Redecorate with some retro flair by making your own telephone bookends.

* I’ll have to give this very inspiring 30 day drawing challenge a try

* Okay, so I might have to find another 30 days to try this gratitude photo challenge

* My Philly friends or visitors: check out these brand new restaurants. I love having some new food to try this fall.


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